Friday, October 20, 2006


I can't recall our country being so decidedly divided in philosophical terms, as it is now between Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans believe in self-reliance, guns, jails, fetal rights, military dominance, unfettered capitalism, and minimal governmental control (except as it concerns intoxicants, faith-based initiatives, corporate tax breaks, protectionist economics, and so on).

Democrats believe in the public welfare, general healthcare, women's freedom over their bodies, affirmative action, environmental welfare, workers' rights, and so on, however much governance it takes. Beyond that, Democrats—liberals—don't seem to agree as easily with one another or have a common stance on issues as Republicans seem to. I can olnly attribute that to one thing: when you're simple-minded, it's easy to agree.

Is there a common theme here, a greater logic that explains what this deep river is that divides us? Perhaps it might be short-term versus long-term values. Is that any more accurate? And if it is, is it any better? I accuse Republican minds of valuing short-term interests at the expense of our future. We are currently mortgaging our kids futures and the environment to corporate greed. Economists of every stripe seem to agree that recent policies are just plain unaffordable.

Is the difference how we value safety? Or security? We can kill every zealot out there and there will be plenty more where they came from, whether they are disenfranchised Americans or Arabs. We will be making more every day until we start dealing with the root causes, ... underemployment and oppression (?).

Or is it independence and responsibility that Republicans believe in? That's why background checks for gun ownership is so offensive?

Sadly, I think the river is selfishness. That's the only conclusion I can come to. I've looked for other, more politcally correct names for it, more constructive names for it, but I can't find any. Someone please tell me I'm wrong, and how.Tell me that Republican ideology isn't just plain selfish.

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